Monday, July 2, 2012

Catching Up

I have done a horrible job staying up to date with all my daily breakdowns...

The important facts are that I remained loyal to the paleo diet the entire time, and plan to do so moving forward! I did a less than stellar job on the workout front, though, and I think it was evident at my 1-week weigh in showing that I've gained 2 pounds.

I'm not going to lie, that was frustrating and disheartening to see. I had been eating better than I had in awhile - absolutely no carbs, sugars, sodas, processed foods... and to gain 2 pounds and not lose anything definitely made me sad.

It's a minor setback, however, and now that I'm officially starting to workout and getting myself back to the gym, even just for 30 minutes a day, I am confident I will be able to lose more.

I need to stay positive... Inspiration:

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Day 3 went fine - I was definitely craving less carbs, which was a welcome bonus! 


BREAKFAST: I skipped breakfast because I slept til noon. I'm unemployed and depressed, don't judge!

LUNCH: Scrambled eggs and melon.

DINNER: Garlic Chicken with Red Peppers and Mushrooms

SNACK: Banana slices and apple slices with cinnamon and almond butter


No fitness. I'm feeling guilty about that.


I received great news from my Doctor that I am almost fully healed and getting back to normal. I also received horrible news from my workplace that they're not holding my job for me anymore, and so I'm basically unemployed. It was a battle of emotions - angry, upset, happy about my health returning, feeling sorry for myself, hate, relief... Despite all that, I didn't fall back to comfort foods. I'm proud of myself for that. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Day Two on Paleo was good! No hunger issues, and drank a lot of water.


Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and Bacon
Lunch: Slices of Deli Meat (Oven-Roasted Chicken Breast, Oven-Roasted Turkey Breast, Prosciutto)
Dinner: Thai Chicken Wraps and Roasted Green Beans
Snacks: Fruit (Strawberries and Blueberries) with Coconut Whipped Cream  


No exercise or fitness again... I need to start. I need to motivate myself to at least walk for awhile.  


I was very positive throughout the day, I'm still hopeful that I can and will lose weight, and that I can motivate myself to work out more. I am confident that I'll sleep well tonight. 


Day One back on Paleo was fine, I stuck to the dietary guidelines like I was supposed to... I even survived a "Carb Craving Attack" around midnight.

I am going to really need to work on remembering to eat breakfast, I tend to skip it everyday especially since I'm not currently working so I don't wake up early. Also, some supplements I am taking are appetite suppressants and I just plain forget to eat because my stomach isn't reminding me to.


Breakfast: Skipped
Lunch: Cantaloupe, Watermelon and Honeydew Fruit Salad
Dinner: Grilled Juneau Shrimp and Cauliflower Rice 
Snacks: Beef Jerky, 1 Caveman Cookie and 1 Orange


No exercise or fitness unless you count cleaning my kitchen... OK, so you think that's a bit of a stretch? You obviously don't know how disgusting my kitchen was! 


I was able to stay positive throughout the day, even after taking the dreaded bathing suit shots to serve as my Before pictures. I think those photos motivated me a lot, I need to change that quickly!! I'm hopeful that I can and will lose weight, and that I can motivate myself to work out more. I slept great, from midnight until 11:30am!! I did take 2 muscle relaxers for my back injury, which probably knocked me out cold, but it was the best uninterrupted sleep in recent memory. I got a lot of inspiration from SparkPeople friends as well! 

Monday, June 25, 2012

How Did This Happen?!?

I just don't know how I've gotten to this point. To 157 pounds and completely out of shape. I definitely know that I need to put a stop to it immediately, and start moving towards losing the weight and getting back in shape both physically and mentally. 

I know I'm not happy with my appearance, which is making me depressed, making me not want to do anything outside of the house, not want to even be intimate with my boyfriend anymore because I don't want him to see me without clothes covering up my fat butt and stomach. It's embarrassing. 

Day ONE starts today. 

The Tools To My Success

In order to try to help myself lose the weight for good this time, I will be getting a little help from these things:  

My SparkPeople profile - is the largest online diet and healthy living community with over 12 million registered members


  1. Apple Pectin
  2. Forskolin
  3. Raspberry Ketones
  4. Apidexin
  5. iChoice Reach
  6. Relora
  7. 7-Keto
  8. Grape Seed & Resveratrol 
The ones pictured are the ones that I currently am taking... I will see how I feel while taking these and probably drop a few.

Fit Bit 

Fitbit Ultra tracks your everyday steps, stairs climbed, calories burned, and more, motivating you throughout the day.


Between exercising on the Wii, my gym membership, and exercise DVDs I plan to be able to exercise regularly! 

Day One of the Rest Of My Life...

OK, so anyone who knows me knows how many times I've resolved myself to lose weight and get back in shape. Let's just say since gaining weight after I had double knee surgeries at age 22 and being unable to keep it off, it's happened probably 102 times. I've lost a lot of weight, but have always gained it all back. I hope that time will be different, but that's what I say every time. I'm resolving to truly stick with the Diet, Exercise and Photos to keep me accountable.

I'm hoping this blog will be seen by some people who are going through the same weight-loss battles that I am and that it may gain some followers who can help me stay on track, but also to voice my opinions and feelings as they happen. I'm going to attempt to stay as anonymous as possible, just because I do value my privacy.

I fully take responsibility for my eating habits, my lack of exercise... Sure, there have been extenuating circumstances (knee surgeries, car accidents, lack of money for expensive foods...) but I know that those have been used as excuses rather than really being problems. The truth is that I have gotten lazy and it's just easier to not eat right and never exercise. That needs to stop now.

I'm no longer happy with what I see when I look in the mirror or see photos of myself. I can't help but wonder who that person is that I see, and wonder where the "real" me has gone. It's hard to feel like wanting to go out in public or God-forbid, the beach, with this extra weight dragging me down.

It's time for a change, and that time is NOW.